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C10SS"Small Spot Ceramic Tip:

"The C10SS .4mm spot size ceramic tip compares very favorably to currently available .4mm metal tips.  In clinical
application it appears to deliver a more uniform and predictable spot that metal tips.  It appears to be more
efficient, delivering an increased power density at any given wattage compared to .4mm metal tips.  I noted I could
reduce power by 1-2 watts and achieve the same tissue effect with the ceramic .4mm tip as when using .4mm
metal tips at higher power.  These observations are comparable to those made when using previously available .
4mm ceramic tips."  

"Your marketing materials indicate the C10SS is available for $15.00.  With proper care they should last many
more duty cycles that metal tips.  Both function and economy make them a very attractive alternative to metal


"Your C10XS .2mm spot size ceramic tip is the smallest spot size tip I have used.  It’s an exciting product because
of the small size and the expected durability of the ceramic.  I noted a very uniform, predictable, and precise spot.  
The small spot size offers increased power density that effectively increases the power capability of the LX-20
Laser System."

"The ceramic construction of the C10XS is preferable to currently available .25-.3mm metal tips.  The smallest
currently available metal tips have an easily damaged protrusion from the tip end and often generate an irregular
shaped spot.  Experience has shown them to have a limited number of duty cycles."

        Dr. John C. Godbold, Jr. DVM
C10XS - Extra Small Spot Ceramic Tip:

“Here is my opinion on the 0.2 mm tips...  They work incredibly well for softer finer structures....they are my first
choice for areas such as glottic resections, distichiaisis ("stray eyelashes"), eyelid growths, cat stenotic nares or
small dog stenotic nares (but the 0.4 works better on the big dogs), cat anal sacculectomies (or toy dog breeds),
urethras, etc.   It is NOT something to be used on skin incisions or run of the mill lumpectomies, etc.”  

”Durability seems very good for such a small tip size.”  …

“Thanks again for letting me try them out....do I have to give them back or can I keep them?”

        Barbara R. Gores, DVM
        Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons
“The teflon coated tips do exactly what one would want them to do!
As I'm sure you have noted, there is no detrimental effect from autoclaving them multiple times.
They perform beautifully in surgery and the collection of "gunk" on the tip is significantly reduced.
I've used tissue specimens to force debris and fluids on the tips -forcing a collection of "gunk" - and it wipes
off effortlessly. Very impressive!
Thanks for letting me give these a try.  The teflon coating is a fantastic idea and is a step forward in tip design.
Please keep up the good work and keep bringing improved products to the market.”

         John C. Godbold, Jr. DVM