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Focii Technology
The patent pending “T-Series” Ceramic
Laser Tips from Focii Technology provide
significantly reduced “spatter” buildup on
the outside and inside of the tip, resulting
in cleaner cutting and less tissue charring.

The color coded Teflon® coating on the
distal end of each tip provides:
•        positive spot size identification
•        full insertion indication
•        easier to clean surfaces
•        repeated autoclave sterilization
The "T-Series" with Teflon® coating
AccuVet LX-20
T-Series” tips are contraindicated for Avian Use.
Teflon can emit vapor toxic to avian species.
T-Series” tips are compatible with
all Lumenis/Luxar LX-20, AccuVet®
LX-20, and Aesculight™/LuxarCare™
LightScalpel™ handpieces.
Credit Card
"The teflon coating is a fantastic idea and is a step
forward in tip design."

Dr. John C. Godbold Jr. DVM -STONEHAVEN PARK
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C10FST   Full Spot w/Teflon
0.8mm Spot x 10 mm Long
C10XST Xtra Small Spot w/Teflon
0.2mm Spot x 10 mm Long
C10SST   Small Spot w/Teflon
0.4mm Spot x 10 mm Long